• September 13, 2021

How to Find a Psychologist in Atlanta

Tuscaloosa, Alabama – In the years following World War II, many of the countrys most prominent people came to this small Alabama town for the winter and summer to live in the mountains. The summer of ’43-44 was a particularly hot and humid time in Tuscawas hometown, as temperatures soared and air conditioning was turned on.Many residents…

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Why I’m quitting my job and starting a family in January

I just want to tell you, this is a long, long, hard road, and you have to be realistic about how it will end up.I know what it will take to get to where I want to be.I don’t want to see a whole lot of tears and a lot of hard times.But I do…

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Lmhcs ‘Child psychologist salary’ rises to $80K

Tempe, Ariz.(AP) A child psychologist’s salary has risen to $81,000, the largest increase in years, in a salary survey released Wednesday by the National Association of Child Psychologists.The organization says its survey showed that the median child psychologist salary rose by 2.3 percent over the past year.The National Child Psychological Association says its annual survey…

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