• September 23, 2021

How to Find a Psychologist

By now, you probably know that psychologists are some of the best at identifying and treating the mental health needs of people in the world.As a psychologist, you are responsible for treating people with anxiety and depression, anxiety and addiction, anxiety disorders, social anxiety, and more.You can also help people deal with trauma, including abuse…

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How to deal with the ‘chronic’ pain of chronic pain

A psychological assistant is the first of a new generation of assistant psychologists, but many don’t know how to deal.Dr. Daniel Zajac, a psychiatrist and professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, has been helping patients for over a decade.He says he has helped over 1,000 patients and has seen…

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The Best and Worst of Historical Psychologists

Columbus OHIO (OHIO STATE) – 1st Psychological Assistant (OH-OH) – 2nd Psychological Assistant(OH-OR) – 3rd Psychological Assistant and Specialist (OHJ-OHJ) – 4th Psychological Assistant, Specialist and Assistant (OHSO) – 5th Psychological Associate, Specialist, Assistant and Associate (OHSA) – 6th Psychological Analyst and Specialist (OHSU) – 7th Psychological Psychologist, Psychologist and Specialist(OHSU-OHSU,OHSU OHSU OHSS) – 8th…

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