• October 26, 2021

San Diego Chargers quarterback Matt Moore says he’d be open to taking a pay cut

SAN DIEGO — San Diego’s Matt Moore said he’d accept a paycut if he could go to the Super Bowl with a team he was “absolutely comfortable” with.The San Diego 49ers quarterback made the comments during an interview with the NFL Network on Thursday.He also acknowledged that he would be open-minded to an offer of…

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How to find the best psychological salaries in Australia

Psychological careers have become more competitive in recent years.As the world is moving towards an ever more digital economy, people are searching for an alternative to traditional jobs that require them to have extensive knowledge and skills.However, if you’re looking for a great psychologist with a career that’s flexible, you might want to consider a…

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Lmhcs ‘Child psychologist salary’ rises to $80K

Tempe, Ariz.(AP) A child psychologist’s salary has risen to $81,000, the largest increase in years, in a salary survey released Wednesday by the National Association of Child Psychologists.The organization says its survey showed that the median child psychologist salary rose by 2.3 percent over the past year.The National Child Psychological Association says its annual survey…

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