• October 31, 2021

What is your holistic psychologist salary?

What is the holistic psychologist’s salary?

That depends on where you live. 

Some of the top earners in the UK are psychologists, including Dr Lisa Aiken, who was awarded the Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Bristol in 2012. 

Dr Aiken is one of the UK’s leading experts in mental health. 

Her latest book, Why Psychologists Do the Wrong Thing, is published by Berkley Books.

Dr Aigeon is the author of several books including The Psychology of Happiness, the Psychology of Stress, and A Psychologist’s Perspective: The Psychology and Practice of Mental Health. 

In her new book, she said: Psychologists do a lot of things that don’t always make sense, but are often necessary to the wellbeing of our patients and communities. 

What is your job? 

What are your responsibilities as a holistic psychologist? 

I’m the Head of Mental Healthcare at St Thomas Hospital, London, and I’m the Director of Psychotherapy at St John’s Hospital, London. 

When I work with my patients, I have to understand them and how they feel. 

How do you pay your bills? 

The bulk of my salary comes from the NHS, and my clients pay for my accommodation, food and other basic living costs. 

I also earn my own living through my consultancy work, as well as teaching and mentoring. 

Does your career change depending on the day-to-day needs of your patients? 

Yes, in some respects. 

It depends on what I’m doing at the time. 

If I’m working with an individual with a mental health issue, I will sometimes be able to work in a different time of day. 

On the other hand, in my work with the general public, I am often required to be available in the same office as patients. 

My patients may be experiencing stress or anxiety. 

Do you have a ‘career budget’? 

My job is very flexible, but I have a very flexible budget. 

The first thing I want to do is to make sure that I’m able to meet the needs of my patients and the needs I have with my clients, and that’s a very important part of my job. 

For me, I’ve been working on mental health issues for 20 years. 

Are you a nurse? 

Nurses are generally not paid the £100,000 salary that psychotherapists are paid. 

However, many nurse-led groups are starting to take up this pay. 

So, you could earn up to £150,000 a year. 

Is there a chance that you could get a job as a therapist in the future? 

Of course! 

I’d love to. 

But the main thing for me is that I’d have to work on my own schedule, which can be quite challenging. 

Have you ever felt pressure from your employer to increase your salary? 

Not at all, I don’t feel pressure. 

Sometimes my colleagues and colleagues may ask for more or take less pay.

But I think that if you work at the same time and you’re a good therapist, it doesn’t matter. 

You’re always there, and you’ve got a team of people around you that you rely on, so I think people are happy to be in the field, regardless of how much you earn.

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