• October 20, 2021

How to make your money go up: A study on early psychologists

In today’s post, we’re looking at the salary of early psychologists, the first profession that was really started and thrived in the US. 

Psychologists made up a significant part of the US workforce during the 20th century, working in hospitals, schools, law firms, factories, and other fields. 

And the pay was always high. 

In the mid-20th century in the United States, the median annual salary for a psychologist was $50,000, and that was before the new national psychiatry standards were set in 1968. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 1970, the average annual salary of a psychologist in the country was $61,000. 

The US Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that in 2018, the United Nations Human Rights Council has estimated that there were about 5.7 million psychiatrists working in the world. 

But today, it’s hard to find a psychologist working in a large company.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of psychology teachers has dropped from 7.5 million in 2005 to 5.3 million in 2020. 

Many psychologists say they don’t see a pay increase anytime soon, and the industry has been plagued by a host of issues including a lack of qualified graduates, a lack of job training, a lack of professional ethics, and a lot of turnover.

In today’s blog post, I’ll look at what you need to know about the salaries of psychologists today. 


What is a psychologist?

A psychologist is an occupational therapist, or OT, who specializes in helping people with mental health problems.

They are usually licensed by state licensing boards, but are not required to be licensed by any state. 

They work primarily in hospitals or in other settings that require specialized mental health care, including schools, prisons, or other institutions that offer inpatient treatment.

In order to qualify for licensure, you need a degree from a accredited college or university, or some combination of both. 

Some states have a mandatory medicine license requirement, and if you fail to meet it, you may be fined, subject to suspension or revocation of your license, or even face criminal charges.

The average annual pay for an OT in the USA is $55,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor.

That means that if you want to work in the top tier of a large corporation, you would need to earn over $160,000 a year, a minimum salary. 


What are the typical salaries of early psychologist professionals?

The average salary for an early psychologist is $61.50 per hour, according the Bureau. 

That means that an OT with a bachelor’s degree would need at least two years of experience before earning $60,000 annually. 

However, there are some exceptions. 

A graduate of a college that requires a medical license is not required by any licensing agency to earn less than $50 an hour. 

As for OTs who work in clinics, they are not eligible for the same minimum wage that most other professionals are, and so are typically paid between $50 and $70 per hour.3.

How do you find a job in the early psychologists field? 

A quick Google search on the term early psychologists might yield a few options, but there is not a lot of information available about how to find work in a field that is mostly open to those with mental illness. 

There are a couple of ways to find jobs in early psychologists: a) work as a therapist or psychologist yourself b) you can work as an OT c) work as a part-time or internship teacher, or a part time assistant teacher.

The minimum wage for a full-time full-year job is $14.50 an, and a part job for part-timers is $8.50.

If you work in both of these types of positions, your hourly rate should be about $10.10.4.

How much money does a parttime assistant teacher make? 

Part-time assistants work on the same hourly rate as full-timists, but their compensation is a bit lower. 

At $14 per hour for a part timer, that’s a bit higher than a full time OT or psychologist. 

You could work as a part-timer for as little as $5.50 to $8 per hour in most states.5.

What should I know about getting a job as an early psychologists? 

There is no one-size-fits-all job description for early psychologists.

There are plenty of jobs that require experience and talent.

But, if you are a professional with an interest in psychology, it is probably best to apply for a job that is more focused on education and