• October 15, 2021

Doctor job outlook bright for psychologists, schools

Schools will soon have a new role model to look up to: an internist, according to new job postings on LinkedIn. 

School psychologist job postings were posted on LinkedIn for schools across the U.S. The posts offer opportunities to train a psychologist, but some are for internists who specialize in school psychology, while others are for educators who specialize on child psychology. 

“The internship opportunities will be available to schools across our country as well as to other accredited health professionals and educators,” reads one post. 

A second post says that some of the positions in these posts will include “instructional coaching, guidance, peer support, and support of parents in their transition to college.”

While some of these posts are for schools, there are also jobs for adults, and they offer opportunities for people with limited English proficiency. 

Another post describes an internship that will “help you create a safe space for children and families to work together, and to improve relationships.”

The posts are just a glimpse into what is being offered to professionals, but they do paint a picture of what the internships will look like in the future. 

While internships have been around for decades, the new ones could be a huge step up for schools. 

If schools have to hire a school psychologist, they will have a role model that many students and parents will want to emulate.