• October 14, 2021

How to get a psychologist degree in a few months online from B.C. university

The University of British Columbia is offering a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree online in just a few weeks, a major boost to the province’s economy.

In the first class of new online Bachelor of Science (BSS) students, B.S. students will take a four-year online program that will cover everything from social work training and clinical management to writing, communication and business management.

The program will also teach students about the process of becoming a licensed psychologist.

“It’s a real opportunity for students to really get to know their subject matter,” said graduate student and chair of the B.F.M.S., Laura Breen.

The program is offered online by the university’s Graduate Program in Social Work and is open to students who are 18 or older and have a Grade 12 or higher diploma.

Breen said the program is ideal for people who have been in school for a few years but are looking for a fresh start and are not currently working full time.

“It’ll be an excellent way for students who don’t currently have a degree to get involved in the field and it will be a real transition to the field of psychology,” she said.

It’s an opportunity for people to really see what their subject matters are and the way they can really engage in the profession.

Students will be able to choose from a variety of courses including courses in psychology, sociology, education and community management.

With the online program, BSM students will also be able take advantage of the University of New Brunswick’s graduate-level degree program, which provides students with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration or Business Studies degree.

New Brunswick also has an online program called the BSM program for Business Masters, which is open only to B.

Sc. students.

“The BSM Program offers students an opportunity to learn about the career path that most B.A.s pursue in order to complete their PhD,” said University of B.N.S.-B.C., B.B.A., BSM director, Jennifer Nisbet.

Currently, students can take the online B.MSc.

program for Social Work, Business Administration, or Sociology and complete their Bachelor’s degree in two years.