• September 27, 2021

How to be a ‘psychologist’ in Canada

More than 50 per cent of students in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada are expected to graduate from high school this year.

But that number is still a far cry from the 40 per cent mark that the provinces had when they opened up the curriculum in 2006.

So, how do students do?

The University of Toronto’s Department of Psychology is working on a program to help students prepare for a new year of school and its researchers hope to provide some insight into the job market.

The program will work with universities and other institutions to track the students who will graduate in the coming years.

“We think this is an important first step,” said Jennifer Steeger, a researcher in the department’s psychology program.

In addition to helping students to prepare, the program is hoping to develop a database of graduates who are likely to take a job.

“It could be a school psychologist, a teacher, a nurse practitioner, or anyone who is involved in teaching or health care,” Steege said.

Students will also be required to complete a job interview and a job application, she said.

“The students are getting an assessment, they’re getting a background check, and then they’re taking a job test,” Steesger said.

The first phase of the program will be funded through a new $3.5 million federal government grant, and the project will be phased in over the next two years.

For the first year, the government will allocate $1.7 million for the first phase and another $500,000 for the second.

For the third year, $1 million will be allocated to the program.

The next phase of funding is expected to be announced in 2019, and a final budget will be released by 2021.

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