• September 25, 2021

Teacher at a boarding school is forced to retire over sexual harassment

A teacher at a private boarding school in India has been forced to resign after sexual harassment allegations surfaced.

The Boarding School of the Himalayan Resort and Spa, in Uttarakhand state, said on its website that the school’s president, Dr. Prakash Kumar, had resigned on Saturday after the allegations were made against him.

Kumar was charged on Tuesday with three counts of sexual harassment, two of which involve inappropriate touching.

He was also charged with a second count of misconduct in office.

The charges are punishable under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Krishna Kumar, the school principal, told NDTV that he had decided to resign following the allegations.

Kavita Kumar, a close friend of the school, told The Times of India that she was surprised at the sudden decision to dismiss Kumar.

Kishore Kumar, Kumar’s close friend and the head of the School of Oriental and African Studies, told CNN India that the teacher’s resignation was a result of the allegations against him, NDTV reported.

“I’m not sure if he will get any support from the school or the board, but we have reached out to the police and the district administration,” Kishore said.

“It is shocking and I am shocked, but it is sad.

We will take our case to the next level,” Kavita added.

Kurthi Dutt, a member of the Hindu Religious Council, which is a member group of the Boarding school, said the resignation was “unfortunate and unfortunate.”

“This is a matter of sexual misconduct against a man who was the head teacher of the boarding school.

The allegations are baseless,” Kurthi said.

Dutt said that the board had already reached out and made an apology to Kumar.

“I have contacted the superintendent of the board to find out what is happening,” she added.

A senior school official told NDT that the allegations had been made against Kumar by a member, and that Kumar had withdrawn from the board.

“The school is cooperating with the police,” the official said.