• September 22, 2021

A ‘psychiatric’ cartoon about anorexia

A cartoon about a woman who was forced to eat her own feces in an attempt to survive the severe psychological and physical torture she suffered from eating disorders is getting a lot of attention in the United States.

The cartoon shows a woman in her 20s who has anorexic tendencies and uses her fingers and toes to make vomit.

The cartoon is one of many that has been made by people with anorectic tendencies.

A video uploaded by the website, Cryptocompare.com, depicts the woman in a wheelchair in a supermarket, holding her stomach and struggling to drink the contents of a canister.

The woman in the video is also forced to wear an eyeglasses and is clearly distressed.

“I’m trying to hold on to this food that’s in front of me,” the woman is heard saying, and her voice becomes shaky.

She is forced to sit down in a chair, and the image of a person eating her own fecal matter becomes more and more extreme, as the video continues.

The woman is then seen standing on her own vomit and her face becomes swollen and painful.

She is forced onto a chair and is told to eat the food in front, as her face is already swollen.

In another video, a woman named Zeena is seen trying to force herself to eat food in a plastic bag in front a man who is a doctor.

The video ends with the woman being forced to vomit, while another man is seen yelling in her face, “Don’t do it, Zeenas!”

A video titled “You’re going to hell if you don’t eat this shit!” is also circulating on social media, and it shows a young man in a white T-shirt, sitting in front an older woman, holding a plastic container full of garbage.

The video then shows the man eating a piece of the woman’s garbage while holding a paper bag to her face.

The caption of the video reads: “You can’t eat a plastic bottle, you can’t force yourself to eat, and you can never force yourself out of a chair.”

“The cartoon in this video is the first time in history that a cartoon about eating disorders has been taken out of the hands of a medical professional and turned into a satirical cartoon, the website explained.”

The doctor who created the cartoon, who was featured in the cartoon for the first and last time, said it was ‘very difficult to depict a person who’s anorexcic and eats her own faeces,’ according to the website.

“The cartoon was created by a person named Zeesha Alshamani, a Saudi-based cartoonist, according to Crypto Coins.

Alshamaei is also known for his work with cartoons, which he says are more realistic than most depictions of eating disorders.”

If you go back to the cartoons of ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘Family Guy,’ they’re very realistic, and they are very violent,” Alshameani told Reuters in an interview.”

But if you look at cartoons like this, it’s much more violent.

“People who have eating disorders are more likely to be drawn with realistic drawings, and to depict their eating disorders in a cartoon format, rather than in a more violent way,” he added.

Al Shameani’s work was featured on the BBC’s comedy programme The Nightly Show with Jon Snow, which aired in the UK from April 2017 to April 2018.

He has also written several cartoons for websites, including his own site, Crypticom.com.

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