• September 14, 2021

Which is the best psychology book?

When I read a psychologist’s book, I tend to fall in love with it.

But what if it’s not the best book I’ve read?

How can I know which one is right for me?

Here’s a list of books that are best for psychologists.1.

The Psychology of Love and Friendship: The Psychology, Politics, and Ethics of Romantic Love, by Susan G. Komen for the Cure2.

The Science of Happiness: Why Happiness Matters and How to Achieve It, by Charles Murray3.

How to Get Happiness: How to Understand Your Self-Love, Happiness, and Other Human Values, by Stephen Covey4.

Love is Not a Competition: How People Can Become Friends Who Share the Same Values, By Dr. Peter Singer5.

The Power of Habit: The Science and Applications of the Science of Habit, by Benjamin Myers6.

How To Be Happy: The Essential Guide to Making More of Your Life Happy, by Paul McCartney7.

Happiness: A Practical Guide to Finding Your Way, by James Patterson8.

The 5 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Daniel Kahneman9.

The 7 Habits That Will Change Your Life, by Dan Ariely10.

The 8 Habits Of Highly Effective Women, by Sheryl Sandberg11.

Happiness in Our Hearts: A Guide to Embracing Our Inner Self, by Dr. Jennifer Coyle12.

The 10 Laws of Power: How To Build Your Strength, Mind, & Soul, by Malcolm Gladwell13.

How Do You Build A Love Story?

by Laura Jane Grace14.

The New Neuroscience of Love: The Neuroscience of Emotional Connection, by Jennifer Pahlia Thompson15.

The Art Of Love: How Our Intuitions, Dreams, and Grasping Emotions Shape Our World, by Karen Armstrong16.

The Secret To a Happy Life: How We Create Our Dreams, Emotions, and Behaviors, by Brian Wansink17.

What’s Wrong With Your Head?: What You Need To Know About Your Brain and Mind, by the Dalai Lama18.

Why Happiness is Good: Why We Love What We Do, by The Tao Te Ching19.

The Happiness Cure: How It Can Make You Happier, Happier People, Happily Ever After, by Oprah Winfrey20.

How I Became An Empath: How I Changed My Life, My Mind, and My Life’s Mission, by Rebecca Solnit21.

Why Do We Love Happiness?

by Steven Pinker22.

The Beauty of Life: An Unconventional Guide to Becoming Your Best Self, By Mark Sisson23.

How Can We Love Each Other More?

by Rachel Carson24.

The Good Life: The Secret to Happiness, by John McDowell25.

What Happened To Your Happiness?: Why Is It So Hard to Find Happiness, By Peter Singer?26.

How Many People Should You Have?

by Stephen Greenblatt27.

Why Are You Happy?

by Dr Seuss28.

How We Choose to Live: The Power and Limits of Self-Control, by Mark S. Taylor29.

How People Love When They Don’t Have To: A New Psychology, A New Way of Thinking, and A New Life, By Steven Pink.30.

Happiness is Not Compassion: How the Science Behind It Can Save Your Life from the Horrors of Fear, Love, and Pain, by Richard Bachman31.

How Love Can Change the World: Why Our Relationship with One Another Can Be the Most Powerful Thing We Have All Together, by Steve Jobs32.

How Does the Human Brain Make Our Lives More Happy?

A Guide for Self-Care Professionals, by Carl Jung33.

Why We Believe Everything We Hear: The Truth About Human Beliefs, by Sam Harris34.

Why we Love Ourselves More Than We Love Our Families: The Myth of the Unconditional Love of Adorable Children, by Christopher Hitchens35.

Why It’s Important to Be Self-Reliant: The Wisdom of Selfishness, by Martin Seligman36.

Why You Need a Good Psychologist: How a Psychiatrist Can Help You Get Better, by David Nutt37.

Why Being Happy is Good for You: How Being Happy Can Help Us Live Happier Lives, by Gary Vaynerchuk38.

How we Can Help Each Other Be Happy, Better, and More Successful: How Your Success Matters, by Scott Aaronson39.

Why Psychology Matters: Why Psychology Can Help Save Your Marriage, by Paula White40.

The Joy of the Scientific Method: Why Scientists Learn, What Makes a Scientist Great, and How To Apply it to Your Life.41.

How The Mind Works: The Scientific Basis for the Scientific Study of Mind, Willpower, and Cognition, by Jon Kabat-Zinn42.

The Wisdom Of Your Brain: What You Really Know About How Your Brain Works, by Sigmund Freud43.

How Mind Works Is The Science

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