• September 10, 2021

Your holistic psychologist can help you get through the day

By now, most of us have heard of holistic psychology.

This term refers to a holistic approach to psychology that emphasizes the importance of relationships with people and the importance that people are valued and valued. 

This holistic approach has been gaining popularity lately, as people have come to recognize its positive effects on their health and well-being.

It’s also gaining popularity with mental health professionals, who want to help patients develop the skills they need to succeed in a challenging and stressful job.

However, while it can be helpful for people with serious mental illness, it’s not recommended for those who aren’t. 

To get a better idea of what holistic psychology is and isn’t, we spoke with Dr. Nancy B. Loeffler, the founder of the Integrative Behavioral Medicine Clinic and a clinical psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

Dr. Lohner told Bleacherreport that the best way to determine whether your holistic practitioner is a good fit is to ask questions.

“If I have a patient that has some mental health issues, and they’re having issues with anxiety and depression, and I’m having some difficulty with my own emotional well-Being, I’m going to ask about what your holistic therapist does,” she explained. 

“I’m not saying I have to go into every aspect of that.

I’ll just ask about that one aspect that I think is most helpful for the individual.”

Dr. Jennifer M. Gaffney, an integrative psychologist and clinical psychologist with a focus on chronic pain and chronic illness, said that it’s important to take holistic into consideration when evaluating a practitioner.

“It’s really important to ask how you would characterize your practitioner,” she said.

“Ask them to think about what is important to you.

What’s the most important aspect of your experience?

What do you like most about your practitioner?” 

Dr Gaffley also emphasized that the process of assessing a practitioner is not something you can do by just asking questions.

“What are they working on?

What are their research findings?

How do they deal with their clients?

And then you have to actually think about your own needs, your own personal needs,” she added.

“I think the best part is you’re asking questions because you’re not looking for a specific outcome.”

The process of determining whether a practitioner can be a good match for you can be daunting for some, and it’s best to talk with a holistic practitioner as soon as you have the chance.

“The first thing to look at is what your patient is experiencing right now,” Dr Gaffsey said. 

In addition to being a good clinician, Dr. Lofner explained, holistic practitioners are also an important part of your overall wellness. 

If you’re experiencing an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or depression, you need to consider a holistic therapist.

“If I see someone that’s having anxiety, and that person is experiencing depression, then I can probably say, ‘OK, we’ll work together to try and work through those issues,'” she said, adding that if you are experiencing some other health issue, then it’s a good idea to talk to your holistic professional.

“But if I see a lot of anxiety and a lot at the same time, then my advice is that I don’t necessarily want to work with a practitioner that’s dealing with both,” she continued.

“So, if that’s the case, you’re going to have to do a lot more research, a lot longer than what you’re about to read.”

Dr Lofners holistic practice also emphasizes that you have a choice when it comes to what your practitioner is working on.

“When I see somebody that is suffering from some kind of emotional, psychological, or physical disorder, I have the option to go for that,” she told Bleachers.

“And if it’s my choice to go with somebody that I’m already in the process with, then, I think I would be best to do that.”

When you’re working with someone, you have choices, and you can’t go around asking, ‘What is the most helpful thing that I can do for you?’

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