• September 4, 2021

When it comes to dealing with anxiety and stress, psychology is the best way to get ahead

Psychological techniques that can help us cope with stress, anxiety and depression have been found to be effective for improving mental health, according to a new study. 

The research from the University of Texas, San Antonio, found that psychological techniques can be effective in helping people with depression and anxiety, but that a range of approaches are needed. 

“There’s a lot of people that are getting anxiety from social anxiety disorder, from social phobia, from depression,” said Dr. Elizabeth Miller, the study’s lead author. 

Miller, who is also a research associate at the University College London, said the research is “very interesting and exciting”. 

“We know that these mental health conditions are associated with a number of different types of chronic illness, and they tend to affect a lot more people,” she said.

“But until we can develop treatments that work with these different types, we’re going to be unable to reduce the burden of chronic mental illness.” 

“A lot of these people, if you’re talking about depression, are just in denial about it and say it’s just their mental health,” she added. 

Dr Miller is an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UT San Antonio and is a leading researcher on anxiety, depression and the co-developer of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety and Depression (CBT-CBD) program. 

She said the findings are a “huge step forward” and that CBT-CBG was the first treatment for depression and PTSD, which was shown to have “potentially positive effects on the functioning of the brain” and lead to better outcomes in the long-term.

“The results suggest that CBG-CBP can be an effective treatment for anxiety and PTSD,” Miller said. 

However, she said the study did not show the effects were as great as the CBT program, which is focused on reducing symptoms.

“We don’t have the evidence that it’s effective as an antidepressant, so the idea of CBT is still very much in its infancy, and we don’t know how effective it is,” Miller told the ABC.

“But it’s a very promising area of research.” 

The CBT research is published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Dr Miller said it was also important to remember that CBP is not for everyone, as it was a “tactical” tool that did not allow for any cognitive or behavioural interventions, including medication.

“There are some people that like CBT for social anxiety, for PTSD and for other mental disorders,” she explained.

“So we can certainly use CBT to help people who have those disorders and for anxiety.”

What we can’t do is use CBP as a treatment for all types of mental health issues, because we know there are different types and they can have very different effects on people.

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