• August 16, 2021

German psychologists discuss their latest study on bitcoin

GERMAN psychologists have discussed their latest bitcoin study, which looked at the relationship between cryptocurrencies and anxiety.

The German psychologist, Ernst Neumann, said he was inspired to conduct the study after seeing a bitcoin-related news article about the phenomenon.

“It was clear that bitcoin was not a bad thing,” he said.

“We could not get away from the idea that it could help a lot in a situation like this.”

When people have no money to invest in bitcoin, they want to see the best possible outcome.

I started to study the phenomenon.

“Neumann, who studies the effects of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies on human wellbeing at the University of Bremen, said there were many different theories on how bitcoin works, but the main one was that it acts as a kind of “proof of work”.”

It has been found that the number of bitcoins that are created is related to the number and quality of the proofs that are published,” he explained.”

The people who publish more proofs will also earn more bitcoins.

So if you want to get more bitcoins, you have to be better than the people who don’t publish as many proofs.”‘

I have to take it seriously’When Neumann was asked what would happen to him if he did not use bitcoin, he said: “I have no idea.

I will be a little worried.

“Neuman said he believed that the majority of people would be happy to have a digital currency, and that he was also concerned about the future of cryptocurrencies.”

I have a small business and I have to do all the things that people who do not have a business are supposed to do.

It is important for me to be safe.

“For me, it is important to take this into consideration,” he added.

Bitcoin has become a hot topic in Germany, as well as in the UK and the US, where politicians are trying to find a way to tax it.

A report by the US Federal Reserve last week suggested that tax revenues from the cryptocurrency could be used to pay for government infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

Neumann said he had not considered whether it was possible to regulate the technology, as he was not an economist.

“That is an entirely different matter, and I am not an expert in that field,” he told Crypto Coins.

“But it is clear that there are many people who believe that bitcoin is a bad idea.”

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