• July 29, 2021

How to be Christian, but not Christian at the same time

How can a Christian be a psychologist, but still be a counselor?

Psychologist and psychologist vs. counselor.

It’s the latest debate raging in Australia’s psychology community.

Psychologist David Grieve was recently appointed by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, to oversee the National Mental Health Strategy, which was released last month.

Grieve is the head of the National Psychology Service (NPHS), which is the primary Australian government mental health agency.

Its aim is to build a new national mental health service to meet the needs of Australia’s ageing population and its growing population of people with mental health problems.

But psychologist and psychologist David Grie says that doesn’t mean he is advocating for a single model of therapy.

Instead, he says the NPS should provide “interpersonal, cognitive and behavioural” psychotherapy to the community.

“That is really what psychologists do,” he said.

“There is no need to have one model for all mental health.”

Dr Grieve said it was important to focus on the individual as a person rather than treating their mental health as an isolated entity.

“People are very complex, so you can’t have one mental health diagnosis,” he explained.

“You have to look at the whole person.”

Dr David Grief with a new model of psychological therapy.

Dr David is a psychologist at the University of Sydney.

He says there are some similarities between psychologists and counsellors.

“It’s very different to a psychologist who is really trying to provide a treatment to an individual,” he told ABC Radio National.

“We are talking about a relationship with the individual.”

What psychologists are trying to do is make sure that the relationship is not one of blame, blame and blame and blaming the other person, or blaming the therapist.

“Dr Stephen Fong, a psychiatrist at the Sydney University Health Services, says the similarities between the two fields are striking.”

Both psychologists and psychotherapists work with the mind,” he says.”

They are dealing with the brain.

“He says both psychologists and psychologists have an interest in the mental health of their patients.”

Psychologists are very interested in what is going on in the brain, and we are also very interested about the way the brain works, how it communicates with the other parts of the body,” he explains.”

The therapist is more concerned with the way people relate to their own body, with the body’s response to that, and that relationship to the mind.

“Dr Fong says psychotherapeutic therapists tend to be more experienced and more trained than psychologists, and psychologists are often seen as a “soft medicine”.”

We have to be very careful about where we put our hands and the kind of training we are getting,” he cautioned.”

If we do this to a very young child it can be very damaging to their health.

“While psychologist and psychotherapy do have some similarities, Dr Fong said they are very different approaches to mental health.”

For example, psychotherapist and psychologist are both very individualistic,” he added.”

As a psychologist I would think that you are more interested in the individual’s wellbeing.

“Psychologist Dr David Gries says that’s a misconception.

He said psychologists focus on what people can learn from them, rather than how they can improve their own wellbeing.”

I think that psychologists have a lot of respect for the individual, and what they have learnt from the individual is very valuable,” he noted.”

And I think that is why we have the NPGS and why we can do research about these things.

“Dr Paul Fag, a psychologist and clinical psychologist at Griffith University, also sees some similarities in the approaches.”

All psychologists are concerned about the individual and what happens to them,” he points out.”

So I think they are all interested in improving that individual’s relationship with their body, and how that relates to their mental wellbeing.

“But he believes the “soft” approach to mental wellbeing may not be as effective as therapists, or psychologists, in treating the individual with the disorder.”

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You are talking to all the people involved, you have to get a balance between how you are treating people with their mental illness, and the need to get the individual to self-regulate their behaviour.”

Topics:health,mental-health,psychology,mental,health-policy,mentalhealth-facilities,diseases-and-disorders,dendemics-and/or-disabilities,psychiatry-and‑psychotherapy,mental—disease,health,healthcare-facilitators,psychiatric-diseas-and—dementia,australia,sydney-2000,ausinga-2430,vicSource: ABC News

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