• July 29, 2021

How to be a more likable doctor: Dr. Phil

Dr. Mehmet Oz has a new book coming out in November titled How to Be a More Likeable Doctor: Dr .


The book is a guide to overcoming many of the biggest fears of being a doctor. 

In the book, Dr. Oz talks about being a great listener, being willing to listen to anyone, and being open to the idea of being treated differently. 

He writes, “I have been a successful surgeon, but I am not a great patient.

I have learned that it is okay to be open and compassionate and that it takes more than the occasional jab to be loved. 

It takes the willingness to listen, the willingness and the energy to listen and to learn, to learn and to be patient with yourself.”

Dr. Oz has also been working with his wife, Dr Sarah Michelle Gellar, to create a video series called Dr. Sarah Michelle’s Unstoppable Dr. Pepper Challenge. 

Gellar is also the co-creator of The Biggest Loser, which will premiere on Lifetime on November 15. 

Dr. Sarah and Dr Oz discuss the challenges of a physician and how they are taking steps to make it easier for people to become more likeable. 

What do you think?

Does Dr. Osz’s new book, How to Like a Doctor help people with their fears?

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