• July 27, 2021

Dr. Savvy: I’m a ‘Sophie’ to Your Brain’s Emotions

A psychologist who’s been teaching psychology since the 1990s says she’s been “over-analyzing” and “overplaying” how our emotions affect our behaviors and lives.

Dr. Savivian has been an outspoken critic of what she calls the “false” nature of emotions and a leading voice in the “cognitive-behavioral revolution.”

Dr. Robert L. Pemberton, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, spoke to the Associated Press by phone on Tuesday about the new book, “The Emotional Mind.”

The title is a play on Dr. Pernet’s “Theories of Emotions,” the seminal work by the psychologist.

Dr the emotional mind, he says, “was built on the foundation of the emotional brain.”

Dr. Dr. Robert Pernets theory of emotions was based on the idea that emotions are a brain function that we can learn, change and master.

“The emotional brain is a really beautiful thing.

It’s so powerful,” Dr. L.P. told the AP.

“But, we also know that, when we’re young, we can lose sight of that beautiful brain, we learn how to manage emotions, and we’re still going to have these emotional reactions.”

But, when our emotions are triggered, we end up reacting in a way that we didn’t expect, Dr. Dominguez-Moya says.

She and other psychologists say the emotions are not our problem.

Instead, they argue, we should be trying to find ways to help our children, partners and themselves better manage their emotions.

Dr Pernes book, published by Simon & Schuster, is based on his bestselling “The Theory of Emotion” with the help of psychologists who are experts in emotion regulation and the brain.

Dr Domingez-Mora says her goal is to change the way people think about emotions.

“I’m trying to create a better emotional environment, not just an emotional environment but an emotional state that people can live in, that is safe and healthy, that they feel good about and that they want to keep,” she says.

And, she says, we need to learn more about the brain that allows us to learn these skills, and how to do that better.

For more information about the book and to learn how you can purchase a copy, visit the website www.amazon.com/emotionalmind and call 1-888-255-3655.

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