• July 13, 2021

A psychologist pays for child psychologist schooling

The child psychologist who is being paid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to work on their behalf, according to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, could be breaking the law, a federal judge has ruled.

The ruling by US District Judge George Hickey of the Northern District of California is the first time the US Supreme Court has directly addressed the issue of whether or not a child psychologist can work for the FBI, which oversees the FBI’s Child Protective Services division.

Judge Hickey ruled in a case brought by the American Psychological Association against the FBI in November 2017, saying that the child psychologist should not be paid to work for them.

The case involves the FBI hiring a psychologist for an unnamed child, according a statement on the organisation’s website.

The child had previously complained that the psychologist was “using his or her position as a child to make money”, according to the statement.

The psychologist, who has not been identified, did not respond to a request for comment from the Wall Journal.

Judge George asked the FBI to disclose how much the psychologist is paid for his work, and the bureau has refused to do so, according the Wall St Journal.

The bureau has argued that because it cannot find child psychologist jobs in the US, it can’t be sure that the psychologists are indeed being paid for their work.

The court’s ruling comes as the US is facing a massive shortage of child psychologists, with many agencies having struggled to fill their positions.

In April 2018, the FBI hired the first child psychologist for a federal agency in the history of the US.

The agency has since been hiring children in states and cities across the US as they try to fill a vacancy, according The Wall Street Star.

The FBI also said in a statement at the time that it has been in discussions with a number of child psychologist organizations in the past few months about hiring a child specialist.

However, the agency said the child specialist would not be required to attend child psychologist training in order to be paid.

It also said that the agency does not intend to pay child psychologists to teach the bureau’s child psychology courses.

The judge said in his ruling that the FBI is using child psychologists as a cheap way to replace the “quality” child psychologists who are not “under qualified”.

Judge Hester said in the ruling that child psychologists are “the least likely” to have the qualifications necessary to teach child psychology in schools, and that the bureau is using them to fill jobs it has no plans to train.

The US Supreme court is expected to issue a decision on the case later this year.

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